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The Youth Employment and Skills Program provides a wage subsidy to employers who hire youth for agricultural jobs.  The program offers support for 50% of wages to a maximum of $14,000.  Additionally, the program offers 100% of costs for relocation to a maximum of $5,000 if the employee must relocate for the position.

Employers can apply on or after May 26, 2020 for their project to be considered.

If approved, the following employers are eligible to receive 80% of total eligible costs, up to a maximum of $14,000:

  • Indigenous individuals or organizations

  • Employers who hire a youth facing barrier(s) (section 2.2 of Applicant guide)

For youth facing barriers, an additional $5,000 is available to cover the costs of addressing these employment barriers.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

Eligible employees

Eligible employers are responsible for hiring and verifying the eligibility of participants for the Youth Employment and Skills activities. To qualify, the employee must be:

  • 30 years or younger when you started the internship

  • unemployed or underemployed, a student, or a previous intern of any Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) program

  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Eligible projects

Projects must offer the employee agricultural work that must be completed by March 31, 2021. Examples of typical projects include:

  • farmers who wish to hire farm workers for planting and harvesting crops or managing livestock

  • agricultural businesses, such as greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, vegetable producers who have labor needs

  • small businesses who supply agricultural products or services

  • food processors in need of labor

For full program details, please visit their website: http://www.agr.gc.ca/eng/agricultural-programs-and-services/youth-employment-and-skills-program/?id=1557778999519

Click the link below to stay up to date with the latest funding incentives and programs: https://lp.constantcontact.com/su/Y9ARp7T

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