Tourism Economic Development and Recovery Fund

All information is sourced from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries

Program Overview

The Tourism Economic Development and Recovery Fund (TEDRF) program is an application-based, cost-sharing program designed to provide non-capital funding to projects that encourage the development of innovative new tourism products, support tourism investment or build the capacity of Ontario’s tourism industry.

The program is also supporting innovative tourism recovery projects aimed at increasing visitation across Ontario and addressing the reduction in global travel as a result of COVID-19. TEDRF will provide support to Ontario tourism industry associations to help offset membership fees and support industry recovery through access to membership services and benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Applicant Organizations

  • Municipalities and Destination Marketing Organizations (Regional Tourism Organizations are not eligible)

  • Indigenous Organizations

  • Ontario Tourism Industry Associations

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations (with a clearly defined tourism focus)

  • For-Profit Tourism Organizations

In addition, to be eligible for the TEDRF program, the project and applicants must meet all the following eligibility requirements:

  • Take place in the Province of Ontario

  • Have an applicant organization which is a legal entity, incorporated in Canada and in existence for a minimum of one year, as of the date of submission

  • Applicant is not in default of the terms and conditions of any grant or loan agreement with any ministry or agency of the Government of Ontario (e.g., Ontario Trillium Foundation)

Applications must be submitted a minimum of 4 months prior to project start

Information provided in the application is true, correct and complete (as verified by an authorized official).

If successful, the applicant organization will enter into a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Province. If successful, the applicant must be the organization that will incur and pay the project expenses and report back to the Ministry on usage of the funds.

Learn more at: http://www.forms.ssb.gov.on.ca/mbs/ssb/forms/ssbforms.nsf/FormDetail?OpenForm&ACT=RDR&TAB=PROFILE&ENV=WWE&NO=ON00108E

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