The Small Business Centre in Woodstock Hosts Workshops for 2020

The Small Business Centre in Woodstock has a series of workshops and events in 2020 for small businesses in Oxford County!

Some workshops include:

  • Business Plan 101: "Gain an understanding of the key components of a business plan and how each section is connected to tell the story of you and your idea"

  • Market Research for Business: " Learn how to tap into already existing data and sources to help you analyze your industry, competitors, financing opportunities and current or potential customers to make more informed business decisions."

  • The Art of the Start - the basics of starting and growing a business: "This interactive workshop will walk you through the basic start-up requirements including: registering a business and choosing a business name (the process and cost), legal entity structures (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation) and their advantages and disadvantages, sources of financing, essential government & industry regulations (licensing, permits, zoning, taxation, WSIB, payroll), business planning and legal and insurance considerations."

  • Starter Company Plus Grant Program Basics: "The Orientation Session will provide participants with an overview of the program, program eligibility, timelines, process and key information on the funding requirements and next steps."

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies for Business: "Learn how to handle objections and set targets and goals that measure the effects of your efforts."

  • Tax Tips from the Canada Revenue Agency: "Topics discussed will include common tax mistakes and how to avoid them, books and record keeping tips and tricks, how to use benchmarking to your advantage and valuable information on the CRA’s online services."

  • What Should I Charge?: "Understand how to budget and spend money so you can pay all your bills and still have money left in your pocket at the end of the year."

  • Understanding Bookkeeping: "This session focuses on Canada Revenue rules for reporting revenues and expenses, and the monthly financial reports all businesses should know and understand, and what the numbers they produce mean for the business."

  • Networking With a Purpose - Let's Be Creative!: "At these quarterly events you can meet new business connections, share your stories and find ways to work together. Expand your personal network in a relaxed atmosphere and learn from others in various stages of their business."

Be sure to check out their full list of events and workshops here!

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