Tax Incentive Programs

Heritage Property Tax Relief – Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport: Municipalities can give tax relief to owners of eligible heritage properties by passing a by-law creating a heritage property tax relief program under the Municipal Act, 2001.

Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit – Ministry of Finance: Qualifying businesses can claim 25 per cent of eligible expenditures made during the first 36 months of an apprenticeship program that commenced on or after April 24, 2015.

Co-operative Education Tax Credit – Ministry of FinanceAvailable to employers who hire students enrolled in a co-operative education program at an Ontario university or college.

Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit: The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit (AJCTC) is a non-refundable tax credit equal to 10% of the eligible salaries and wages payable to eligible apprentices in respect of employment after May 1, 2006.

SR&ED Investment Tax Credit – Canada Revenue Agency: Scientific research and experimental development means systematic investigation or search that is carried out in a field of science or technology by means of experiment or analysis.

Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program – Government of Canada: The CPTC program gives a tax credit to qualified corporations producing Canadian film or video productions.

Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit – Government of Canada: The Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) provides eligible production corporations with a tax credit at a rate of 16 per cent of the qualified Canadian labour expenditures incurred in respect of an accredited production.

Ontario business-research institute tax credit – Government of Canada: The business-research institute tax credit is a 20% refundable tax credit based on qualified expenditures for the tax year incurred in Ontario under an eligible contract with an eligible research institute.

Ontario Innovation Tax Credit – Ministry of Finance: Qualifying corporations can claim a refundable tax credit for qualified expenditures on scientific research and experimental development performed in Ontario.

Ontario research and development tax credit – Government of Canada: You can claim this credit if you have a permanent establishment in Ontario and you had eligible expenditures for scientific research and experimental development carried out in Ontario.

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