Resources for Starting Your Business

Are you interested in starting a business and are in need of some additional support? Checkout some of these top FAQ from new businesses and resources to help you start your business today!

FAQ 1: Can I be a Successful Entrepreneur? Will My Business Idea Be Successful?

Sometimes an individual with a very good business idea wonders whether they have all of the necessary skills, knowledge & experience to turn their idea into a profitable business – would I make a successful entrepreneur?

Read more here for some tools to help you with your business idea!

FAQ 2: Starting a Business? Business Plan, Name, Registration and Structure

When you’re setting up your business, you need to ensure that all of your bases are covered. The following services may be useful to you in order to access specific information on your area of interest:

Read more to find out where you can get additional support with starting your business!

FAQ 3: Need Funding?

Funding from a variety of sources may be available to support your business needs. This funding can be in the form of loans, loan guarantees, equity investments, amongst others. In addition to funding which may be available from private sector banks and financial institutions, funding is also available through programs delivered by SCOR and its community partners, as well as other levels of government.

Read more to find funding sources for your business

FAQ 4: Need Serviced Land, Existing Rental Space or Permits?

Your local Economic Development Office can also advise you with respect to planning and zoning requirements associated with new facility development.

Read more to find your local contact and click here for information on regulations, licenses and permits in SCOR

FAQ 5: Need Product R & D, Innovation and Commercialization Assistance?

If you and your business could benefit from product R&D, innovation and commercialization assistance, SCOR can help.

Read more to find who can help you!

FAQ 6: Market Research, Marketing and Sales

Successful companies also conduct on-going Market Research to identify emerging trends in their markets which could lead to a demand for new products and services which their comany could provide.

Read more to find out how to gain more market research

FAQ 7: Exporting Your Product?

Are you interested in finding new markets for your products or services? Exporting your products to markets outside Canada can help you to increase sales and grow your business.

Read more to find more resources about exporting

FAQ 8: Need Human Resources, Recruiting and/or Training Assistance?

Whether you are just starting up a business or looking to make the one you have better, we can help you access local Human Resources, Recruiting and Training organizations to support your business needs.

Read more to find workforce resources in the region

FAQ 9: Want to Network with other Entrepreneurs?

Networking can assist you to test your business ideas, identify sources of funding, get introductions to new customers, find local suppliers, and meet other people who share your interests.

Read more to find networking opportunities in the region!

Need additional support? Email us scor@scorregion.com to help you get your business started!

Growing a business? Be sure to check out our Growing a Business page!

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