Ontario Automotive Modernization Program


The Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) is a partnership with small- and medium-sized automotive parts suppliers in Ontario.

The goal is to help modernize Ontario’s automotive supply chain and make it more competitive.


Your business could get up to $100,000 to help cover up to 50% of eligible project costs.

As a successful applicant, you are required to contribute at least 50% of remaining project costs through:

  • your own business resources

  • private or bank financing

For more information, please see the eligible cost guideline in the O-AMP program guide.


To be eligible for O-AMP, you must be a small- or medium-sized Ontario-based business in the automotive supply chain.

Specifically, you must meet these requirements:

  • be a for-profit business (with a business number)

  • less than 500 employees globally

  • less than $1 billion in global revenues

  • have at least two years of financial statements

  • at least 50% of the company’s total sales revenue comes from the auto supply sector

Larger companies (i.e. those with more than 500 employees) must partner with at least one Ontario-based small- or medium-sized business to be eligible.

Eligible projects

O-AMP provides support to projects that fall under one or both of the following categories:

  • technology adoption – for example, using advanced manufacturing hardware, software and/or training to improve processes and competitiveness. This might include using logistical systems and investing in production hardware or software that digitize production tracking

  • lean manufacturing – for example, improving operational efficiency and competitiveness by using lean manufacturing techniques or hiring the services of a mentor/consultant to help with lean implementation

Projects must also:

  • be achievable – for example, applicants need to have the necessary financing, project management structure and experience to implement the project

  • align with O-AMP’s goals – for example, job creation, revenue increases, cost savings, contributions to regional or automotive sector development

See the O-AMP program guide for details.

All information was sourced from the Government of Ontario website. To learn more and to apply visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-automotive-modernization-program

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