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About Next Generation Manufacturing Canada:

  • "We promote technology adoption, skills improvements and greater collaboration between technology and manufacturing to help Canadian companies of all sizes navigate the global shift to advanced manufacturing."

  • "We use data to link companies, researchers and investors so they can work together to invent new products or processes."

  • "We’re the engine of the Canadian government’s ambitious investment in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, matching federal funds and private investments to industry-led projects."

Capacity Building Project

NGen will invest up to $12 million of Supercluster funding to be matched by a minimum of an additional $12 million of industry investments in Capacity Building projects targeted at Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) before the end of March 2023. NGen’s capacity building initiatives are designed to address some of the common challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face in adopting and scaling up technologies in manufacturing, and in participating as partners in larger Supercluster projects. NGen’s Capacity Building Fund will provide funding to SMEs for different types of projects intended to move the involved organizations along the path to transformation.


  • Any Small or Medium sized company (SME; defined as a company with fewer than 500 full-time employees) who is a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster may submit an application for project funding under the Capacity Building stream.

  • Recipients of Supercluster funding must be incorporated in Canada.

  • International organizations (offshore companies and research organizations without an incorporated presence in Canada) may participate as partners in NGen Pilot Projects, but any project activity undertaken by these organizations will not be eligible for Supercluster funding.

  • Publicly funded not-for-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, federal Crown corporations, and government departments or agencies are not eligible to receive Supercluster funding directly, although they may bring their own contributions to projects or be sub-contracted by funded recipients to carry out project activities.

  • Canadian divisions of MNEs with a global employment of greater than 500 employees are not eligible to participate in NGen Capacity Building projects.

Eligible Activities:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Cluster Development

  • Collaborative Pilot Projects

Application Due APRIL 15, 2020

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