New OMAFRA Workplace Protection Program

Program Overview from OMAFRA website:

"The Government of Ontario is investing up to $15 million to expand a program which helps support the agri-food sector and better protect workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Enhanced Agri-food Workplace Protection Program will help more operations, including farms, to take additional measures to improve health and safety for their workers and ensure the continued supply of healthy food during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Farmers and other operations have access to cost-share funding to help enhance health and safety measures for employees, such as purchasing personal protective equipment, medical testing equipment, enhanced cleaning and disinfection, and temporary or permanent modifications to enhance physical distancing.

In response to feedback we have made a number of changes to this program to ensure that it works effectively to support farmers in their effort to take preventative measures, ensure safe work places and care for ill workers."

To learm more, be sure to visit their website here!

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