How to support small businesses this holiday season

The Holiday season is around the corner which means that some of you may be doing some extra shopping. Take some time to make this holiday season extra special by purchasing gifts, food, and all your party needs from local small businesses. Not sure how to do it? Here are our top tips to support small businesses this holiday season:

  1. Check out this online directory for small businesses in your area here!

  2. Go to Holiday markets being held in your town or city

  3. Skip Black Friday and online deals. If you prefer online shopping, look for local businesses with online shops!

  4. Get your food from local farm markets, local butchers, or artisan shops

  5. Tag these businesses on your social media

  6. Leave them positive reviews about your shopping experience and products

  7. Simply go out into your community and see what local shops are available to you or ask friends in the area for recommendations!

Happy holidays!

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