Grid Innovation Fund - Indoor Agricultural Call

Grid Innovation Fund

The Grid Innovation Fund supports innovation with the potential to achieve significant electricity bill savings for Ontario ratepayers – either by enabling greater competition in Ontario’s electricity markets or by helping customers better manage their energy consumption.

The Grid Innovation Fund invests in projects through two types of calls. First, the Fund periodically issues targeted calls for projects addressing a specific challenge or opportunity identified by the IESO. Second, at least once a year, the Fund accepts applications through open calls to capture the most promising ideas from the market. Please refer to this webpage for the timing of the next open intake window.

Who can apply?

Both non-profit and for-profit incorporated entities can apply to the Fund. The Grid Innovation Fund does not consider applications from individuals, including incorporated individuals and sole proprietorships.  Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to:

  • Local hydro companies

  • Technology companies

  • Consulting firms

  • Industry associations

  • Educational institutions

  • Public sector organizations

Indoor Agricultural Call

With more than 1,300 MW of greenhouse load seeking to connect in Ontario by 2025, the province’s electrical infrastructure is being challenged to meet significant increases in the demand for power. Through its Grid Innovation Fund, the IESO is issuing a call for novel projects focused on reducing electricity demand from indoor agriculture during local and bulk system peak periods. The IESO will accept proposals from November 18, 2019 – February 14, 2020 and award up to $2.5 million for approved projects. Special consideration will be made for projects located in areas with identified or anticipated electricity infrastructure challenges related to indoor agriculture expansion.

At a high level, this targeted call aims to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of cost-effective demand-side solutions by greenhouse growers

  • Demonstrate the efficacy of demand-side options to address local transmission and distribution infrastructure capacity need(s)

  • Explore unknowns in the operationalization of demand-side options and the impact on greenhouse productivity

Please refer to the Grid Innovation Fund Indoor Agriculture Call Application Guideline for full eligibility criteria. Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully review the Guideline before drafting and submitting a proposal.

Proposal Submission

The Grid Innovation Fund Agriculture Call Proposal intake window is now open.

After reviewing the Application Guideline, please use the prescribed documents and submit a completed Grid Innovation Fund Agriculture Call Proposal Template, Appendix A Template and all supporting documentation to gridinnovationfund@ieso.ca during the intake window. Please note that proposals must be submitted using the prescribed templates in order to be considered. Allow up to two months for the project proposals to be reviewed.


Have questions? Email us at gridinnovationfund@ieso.ca.

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