Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative

The purpose of the Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative (GCII) Phase II is to help maintain the competitiveness of the Ontario greenhouse sector in global markets and its leadership position in developing and adopting innovative technology, to encourage future investment and growth in the sector.

The Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC) is responsible for allocating GCII funding and will work collaboratively with the Ontario commercial greenhouse sector (greenhouses with 20,000 square feet of production area or greater) to achieve GCII objectives.

Through this merit-based initiative, financial support may be provided to interested organizations and partnerships with projects that advance the sector as a whole and meet the GCII objectives and merit criteria, as described in the Merit Assessment Criteria. The types of projects that could be supported include: research, strategy development, assessments, pilots, demonstrations, education and training. Projects are expected to provide broad sector benefits through the creation of partnerships, linkages across commodities, knowledge transfer, and industry support.

Projects must align with the following categories and objectives (further details can be found in the Program Guide):

  • Production & Market Development: Improve production efficiencies, diversify sector markets, and accelerate market access.

  • Biosecurity: Improve the sector’s biosecurity, resistance management and emergency preparedness.

  • Environment: Improve the sector’s environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Project results must provide benefit to the Ontario commercial greenhouse sector that grows or propagates ornamental and edible greenhouse crops. Projects involving cannabis or floriculture that falls outside of Flowers Canada (Ontario) regulations are not eligible. Applicants with projects involving other greenhouse crops should contact AAC staff to discuss eligibility before applying.


The objective of GCII is to increase sector competitiveness, by providing broad-based support that fosters innovation and investment in the sector. 

The Program Guide and application materials can be found on the sidebar. 

Program launch: March 13, 2020

Deadline for application submissions: June 19, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.

All information is sourced from the AAC website. To learn more about the program, check out their Program Guide.

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