Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program

About the program

The Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program (FSIIP) provides funding for strategic investments in the forest sector that:

  • improve productivity and innovation

  • enhance competitiveness

  • support new market access

  • provide benefits to Ontario’s broader forest sector

  • strengthen regional economies

Support is available under two project categories – business projects and collaboration projects.


Business projects

Support is available for projects with at least $3 million in eligible costs undertaken by for-profit manufacturers and processors of wood and forest biomass across Ontario, including:

  • saw mills

  • pulp and paper mills

  • secondary wood manufacturers

  • bio-economy projects

Harvesting and resource extraction projects are not eligible for funding.

Collaboration projects

Support is available for Ontario-based projects with at least $3 million in eligible costs undertaken through a collaboration of:

  • forest sector for-profit businesses

  • not-for-profit research organizations

  • forest industry associations

  • academia

Eligible collaborations should develop, diversify and transform Ontario’s forest sector through innovation in technology, process and/or products.

A minimum of three partners are required (including at least one Ontario-based for-profit forestry/wood products company).

How to apply

Stage I

Submissions will be accepted continually, but only those received by the current Stage I deadline will be considered to move on to the upcoming round of evaluations. However, Stage I applications that do not meet the current deadline will be considered in the next round.

To apply, login to Transfer Payment Ontario and complete the Stage I Eligibility Checklist and Application Form (available starting December 2, 2019).

Stage II

Applicants who have successfully passed Stage I should submit a fully completed Stage II Business Plan and all required supplemental documents by the Stage II deadline. All required information must be provided. Please note that incomplete or missing information may result in your application being declined or deferred to a following round.

If you have any further questions, or require assistance, please contact us.


Round 2

Stage I: March 20, 2020

Stage II: April 28, 2020

Round 3

Stage I: June 19, 2020

Stage II: July 27, 2020

Round 4

Stage I: September 18, 2020

Stage II: October 26, 2020

Information sourced directly from: https://www.ontario.ca/page/forestry-sector-investment-innovation-program

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