Food Safety and Traceability Resources

Food safety and traceability are essential for your farm and food processing operations. Go tot he links below to find great resources from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Food Safety for Farmers – OMAFRA: Food safety risks can be reduced on the farm, through prevention, detection and control initiatives. We can help you prevent the introduction of biological, chemical and physical hazards into the food chain.

Go to the link above to learn about Good Agricultural practices and watch and learn through OMAFRA’s water sanitation, water sampling, and online e-Learning courses.

You can also click HERE to schedule and on-farm food safety workshop!

Food Safety for Processors – OMAFRA: Does your operation take all the necessary steps to ensure the food you process is safe? Do you follow the best practices to prevent, detect and control risks? We can help you ensure the safety of food and improve upon the good work you are already doing.

Click the link above for online resources, manuals forms, templates, posters, eLearning courses and information on HACCP.

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