Farm Credit Canada Financing

Are you in agriculture, agribusiness or food and logistics? Farm Credit Canada (FCC) may have financing options for you!



  • Credit lines

  • Livestock

  • Equipment

  • Inputs

  • Lands and Buildings

  • Environmental Solutions



Who does FCC finance?

  • Crop input suppliers and retailers

  • Equipment manufacturers and dealers

  • Feed processors

  • Wholesale, storage and distribution

  • Grain handling and logistics

Food & Logistics


Who does FCC finance?

  • Food processors and manufacturers

  • Oil refining and blending

  • Frozen foods, canning and milling

  • Wineries and distilleries

  • Wholesale and distribution

  • Commercial bakeries

  • Ethnic and specialty foods

  • Food and beverage equipment

  • Packaging

  • Abattoir and meat processors

Types of financing they provide

As Canada's only financial institution focused solely on the needs and opportunities of the industry, FCC plays a vital role by providing specialized products and services that help customers grow their businesses, take advantage of new market opportunities, and innovate to become more efficient and sustainable.

  • Real property

  • Equipment and inventory

  • Expansion and construction

  • Startup

  • Diversification

  • Stretch debt and cash flow requirements

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Syndicated lending

  • Venture capital

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