FAQ 6: Market Research, Marketing and Sales

Companies which are successful in growing their business actively seek new markets for their products and services. These could be local markets within the SCOR region and/or across Ontario, Canada and internationally. Successful companies also conduct on-going Market Research to identify emerging trends in their markets which could lead to a demand for new products and services which their comany could provide.

Who Can Help?

If your company is placing a high priority on Marketing and Market Research and wants to increase sales, SCOR and its Community Partners can help.

SCOR Business Development Officer

The first step you should take is to contact our SCOR Business Development Officer. SCOR will be able to help get you started and point you in the right direction. All of our resources are available to you. Just contact us at: SCOR Economic Development Office.

Local Economic Development Offices

Economic Development Offices within the SCOR Region can also be of assistance. They have Community Profile Information, Business Directories and other information on local and regional markets. They can also direct you to other sources of market information including Ontario Government and Government of Canada program and service information which can assist you.

Please contact your local Economic Development Office and they would be pleased to assist you:

Chambers of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce may also be able to assist you and provide you with useful market information relative to their community. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce closest to you:

County Tourism Destination Marketing Organizations

If your business is in the tourism sector, your county destination marketing organization can advise you on your marketing plan and provide access to a range of communications channels and markets. For further information contact your county DMO:

Workforce Planning & Development Boards

There are 2 Workforce Planning & Development Boards in the SCOR. Both Boards can provide you with labour market information and market research related studies. They can be excellent sources of information for employers of all sizes. Services offered by both organizations include:

Other Sources of Market Research, Marketing and Sales Information

In addition to assistance provided by local EDOs and Chambers of Commerce in SCOR, you may want to access the following on-line information provided by the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada:


Other Government Programs and Information

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