FAQ 4: Need Serviced Land, Existing Rental Space or Permits?

One of the best sources of information on serviced land, rental properties and permit information is through your local Economic Development Office (EDO). Your local Economic Development Office can also advise you with respect to planning and zoning requirements associated with new facility development. Furthermore, your local EDO can provide assistance to you as you grow your business through its Corporate Calling Program and provide you with information on business incentive programs. Please contact the EDO in your area:

On-line Land and Property Search Tools within the SCOR Region

Find the best location for a business in the SCOR region with on-line site selector tools and on-line real estate listings. The Site Selector tool is an online interactive mapping program to assist entrepreneurs and economic development professionals locate available properties for your business needs.

Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE)

The Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE) is a mixed-use business incubator located in Elgin County. ICE provides small and growing businesses, including home-based businesses, with all the resources and support they need to grow and prosper. Plus, professional locations to truly give every small business an identity of its own! For more information please go to: Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs.

Regulations, Licenses and Permits in SCOR

For information on permits which may be required for your business development and operations, please go to Regulations, Licenses and Permits in SCOR.

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