FAQ 2 (a): Developing a Business Plan

If you consulted the Business Start-Up Checklist, you will have learned that in order to apply for funding and to be successful in your small business-start up, you will need to create a Business Plan. There are many SCOR EDC community partners who provide Business Planning Support services. Consider visiting one of the following providers in your area to get Business Plan support and advice:






Canada Business Ontario Service Centres (COBSC)

You may also consider visiting Canada Business Ontario – Government Services for Entrepreneurs in order to obtain Business Planning information. Click Business Plan to be directed to available on-line Business Planning resources.

Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) can also provide you with on-line Business Planning advice service services. Furthermore, please click Business Plan Template to access BDCs on-line template.

Naming & Registering Your Business

Naming and registering your business is another key step in starting your business. For further assistance on naming and registering your business please go to Naming & Registering Your Business

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