FAQ 1: Can I be a Successful Entrepreneur? Will My Business Idea Be Successful?

Getting Started…

Often successful businesses begin with only “a seed of an idea” in the mind of an individual. To develop the idea it is often beneficial to “fertilize and water” it by gathering additional information and talking to knowledgeable people.

Sometimes an individual with a very good business idea wonders whether they have all of the necessary skills, knowledge & experience to turn their idea into a profitable business – would I make a successful entrepreneur?

A good place to start is to speak in confidence with our SCOR Business Development Officer who can help you to explore your idea, develop it further and introduce you to other people and services that can assist you. Just contact us at: SCOR Economic Development Office.

Useful Tools and Information

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Tool – Is entrepreneurship for you? The Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Tool may be of assistance to you!

Developing your Business Idea – Starting a new business? Spend some time exploring the Developing your Business Idea section to find useful information!

Business Start-Up Assistance – Ready to start your business? Go to the Business Start-Up Assistance section of our SCOR Business Portal for a step-by-step description of what you need to do and how SCOR and its community partners can help you to be successful!

Young Entrepreneur?

If you are a young person interested in starting your own business you will find knowledgable people who can assist you through Junior Achievement.

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