CanExport provides direct financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) registered in Canada to help them develop new export opportunities and markets, especially high-growth emerging markets.

  • CanExport provides financial support for a wide range of export marketing activities.

  • CanExport is open to any sector, with the exception of sectors for which other specific federal export development funding programs exist (e.g., agriculture and processed food, fish and seafood, and wine, beer and spirits are excluded from CanExport because companies active in these particular sectors and looking for export support are eligible to apply to AgriMarketing program).

  • The program is open, with few exceptionsFootnote 1, to most Canadian SMEs looking at export markets worldwide. (See Is Your Company Eligible?)

  • CanExport reimburses up to 50 percent of eligible expenses but requires that applicants match funds on a one-to-one basis.

  • It is delivered by the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) of Global Affairs Canada, in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP); CanExport provides financial support for a wide range of export marketing activities.


To be considered for possible funding, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a for-profit company;

  • Be an incorporated legal entity or a limited liability partnership (LLP);

  • Have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number;

  • Have a maximum of 500 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.

  • Have no less than $100,000 and no more than $100 million in annual revenue declared in Canada during its last complete fiscal year. The CanExport program reserves the right to validate this through the company’s Financial Statements.

Eligible activities

To be eligible, activities must aim to promote international business development and must go beyond the applicant’s core activities, represent new initiatives and provide an opportunity to yield incremental results. They also should happen entirely within the timeframe of the project. For illustrative purposes, these activities could include:

  • Business travel;

  • Participation at trade fairs;

  • Market research;

  • Adaptation of marketing tools for a new market; and

  • Legal fees associated with a distribution/representation agreement.

To learn more and learn how to apply visit: https://canexport.fluidreview.com

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