Business Resources in Norfolk County

Community Improvement Plan

Business Incentive Programs – Norfolk County

Norfolk County’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP) establishes a framework for support and implementation of programs that may be utilized to encourage the maintenance, rehabilitation and redevelopment of the county

Funding and Loan Opportunities

Venture Norfolk 

Support Organizations

Downtown Simcoe With more than 200 shops & services Downtown Simcoe has it all!

Simcoe & District Chamber of Commerce The Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce functions with two main goals in mind: Promoting the community’s economy and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to strong, thriving businesses

Waterford Chamber of Commerce The Waterford  Chamber of Commerce is a form of business network,  whose goal is to advocate on behalf of the business community and support community projects (financially and involvement)

Delhi Chamber of Commerce  A non-profit organization made up of local member businesses, professionals, service groups and individuals.

Delhi BIA The Delhi BIA has been serving the Delhi community since the 1970’s.

Port Dover Board of Trade  Typically, members of the Port Dover Board of Trade live as well as conduct business in and around Port Dover. Thus our mandate defines our interest in both business and community.

Long Point Country Chamber of Commerce The mission of The Long Point Country Chamber of Commerce is to be the recognized voice of business,committed to the enhancement of the economic prosperity in the County of Norfolk.

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