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Community Improvement Plan

Façade Improvement Grant – up to $7,500 or up to 50% of the eligible costs of façade/building improvement project (note that a grant up $12,500 or 50% of eligible costs is available for properties that back onto the Grand River; a grant of up to $10,000 or 50% of eligible costs is available for corner lots).

Sign Improvement Grant – up to $3,000 or 50% of the eligible costs for signage improvement

Upper Storey Apartment Improvement Grant – up to $15,000 of 50% of the eligible costs of an upper storey apartment project (up to $5,000 or 50% of costs per unit).

Property and private parking area improvement Grant – up to $5,000 of 50% of eligible costs of property or parking area

Planning and building application grant  – projects may require approvals from departments within the County of Brant.  Rebate on fees (maximum of $5,000)

Tax Increment Equivalent Grant Program

– Municipal taxes may increase as a result of improvements. Applicant can be considered for a rebate that is equal to all or a portion of the increased in taxes.

Business Resources

Enterprise Brant 

Enterprise Brant Loans

Lend a business up to $250,000 to start, expand, or even reposition.Equipment, renovations, inventory and working capital can all be financed.

Brantford-Brant Business Resource Centre

Summer Company Summer Company is a Province of Ontario initiative that provides business opportunities for enterprising students, 15 to 29 years old, to start and run their own summer businesses.

Starter Company Plus The Starter Company Plus program provides mentoring, training and capital up to $5000 for entrepreneurs to start, grow or buy a small business.

Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie

The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie is one of 26 community-based, not-for-profit corporations established in Ontario to play a leadership role in labour force development.

Comprised of volunteer representatives from Labour, Business, Education and Equity Groups, the board works collaboratively with community partners to identify key labour force issues and challenges, and to develop effective workforce development strategies

Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce We are an independent, membership driven organization. Your support allows us to help develop your business and our community.

Paris & District Chamber of Commerce 

The Paris and District Chamber of Commerce fosters connections and cooperation to enhance opportunities for our members and create and sustain a vibrant business community.

Downtown Brantford The Downtown BIA could be likened to a neighborhood association. We work together towards a main purpose of revitalizing and maintaining a dynamic local neighborhood, and promoting the area as a business and shopping destination.

Downtown Paris The BIA in downtown Paris consists of both merchants and businesses. This dedicated group of individuals is committed to making every visit to downtown Paris an experience to remember.

Invest In Brant Resources

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General Resources

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